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Magnesium Epsom Bath Salts 500g - Comfort

Magnesium Epsom Bath Salts 500g - Comfort

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The 'Comfort' 500g magnesium epsom bath salts are combined with beautiful lavender botanicals to enhance your soaking experience. Featuring a warm combination of honeycomb and burnt fig, with subtle notes of vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood and amber, these luxurious bath salts will help provide a feeling of comfort. This beautiful gift can be given on its own, or paired with any other items from our 'Comfort' range.

- Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free

- Made in Australia

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Chloride (Himalayan Pink), Fragrance, Lavender Flowers.

Instructions For Use

Add a generous handful of salts to your bath, stir in until dissolved and enjoy.


Keep out of reach of children and animals. External use only. Avoid contact with food or drink. Do not ingest or swallow. If consumed, please contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

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